Explosives Detection


In today's uncertain times, the threat of bombings looms over the public conscience. Event/Workplace security is a critical, wise investment for both public and private functions to ensure guest safety. DK9Dis committed to providing a safe and secure environment with a professional, minimally intrusive yet visible presence.

The safety and security of your guests, volunteers and employees is undoubtedly a top priority. Visible K-9 teams will reassure your patrons and staff of their safety while deterring potential criminal activity.

Pre-event sweeps can search for the presence of explosive materials. During the event, K-9 teams provide visual deterrence and identify potential hazards.

Our dogs at DK9D can rapidly screen cargo, luggage and vehicles, cutting down on the time needed to thoroughly scan any kind of area or shipment. Flexibility in the dog’s ability to work in different climates and environments ensures that we can service ports, cruise ships, shopping centers, schools, or any type of building or structure easily and accurately.

The DK9D handler-dog team will work with your staff to perform a search of your building/facility, including the following areas:

  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Religious Facilities
  • Marathons / Races
  • Homes
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Hospital / Treatment Centers
  • Special Events
  • Parking lots

What to expect in an explosives search:

Prior to any event we call you to help devise a plan of action upon our arrival and discuss the following:

  • Determine the search areas. DK9D will work with your management team to determine the areas that need to be searched prior to the event.
  • Handler's attire. We will cater to the needs of your business and event. Handlers can arrive in uniform or in plain street clothes.

Upon arrival the handler will meet your designated contact person and will be led on a preliminary tour of the search areas, leaving the canine in the vehicle. After the tour, the handler will discuss the plan of action, answer any questions and have you sign the DK9D standard agreement before the search begins.