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Narcotic Detection Services

Narcotics are affecting our businesses and school systems across the entire nation. Are you a worried parent that wants your child's school sniffed? Are you a worried business manager or owner that wants to ensure your workplace is safe for families and children to be near? Call us now!

Now you and your company can take a proactive approach to drug use and abuse on your property or home. DK9D offers confidential private drug detection services (drug dog for hire) for vehicle, residential, school, business, corporation, and job sites. All of our dogs are trained to meet or exceed national law enforcement drug detection standards.

Our dogs are trained to detect the odors of marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy), and heroin. Dogs are capable of locating the source of narcotic odor even if the drugs have been recently removed, used, destroyed, or relocated. Even though we do not specifically train our dogs to locate prescription narcotics they will often show interest in an area where larger quantities are located.

Searches can be scheduled anytime to best suit you or your companies needs assuring that you are in control of who knows (or doesn’t know) that a search has been conducted. Our dogs are efficient in searching houses, apartments, warehouses, offices, dorm rooms, parking lots, job sites, or other common areas. Dogs employed by DK9D are trained to provide a passive, non-destructive or disturbing, alert without causing damage to personal property.


Are you worried that your kid is on drugs?

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that their kids are abusing drugs. Let us help you sniff out the problem. Let us work with you to set up a personalized program to keep your home drug free. Contact us so we can set up a program that meets your needs.